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Posted on: January 26, 2010 6:46 pm
Edited on: January 26, 2010 8:54 pm

Maryland vs. Miami Running Blog

To make this more accessible, I'll be keeping a running blog during the game on here rather than in the message board area.  10 minutes to tip in CP Miami has lost 3 straight in ACC play.  Miami's best Out-of-conference win is a neutral court win against South Carolina... not saying much.  Terps should win this game tonight. 

6:48 - Starting for the Terps: G - E. Hayes, G. Vasquez, S. Mosley F - L. Milbourne and J. Williams.  Starting for the Canes: G - D. Scott, M. Grant, J. Dews, F - C. McGowan C- J. Gamble

6:51 - Coach Gary Williams comes out to a standing ovation from the students, the rest of the fans look like they have yet to file into the arena.

7:03 - Canes win the tip, Maryland out in their standard man-to-man defense, force Canes into a tough shot, Milbourne with the Def. Rebound.  On offense, Terps hustle to save the ball after going inside to no avail.

7:05 - Terps strike first as Milbourne hits a jumper from the right elbow.  2-0 Terps.  Terps force a shot clock violation.

7:06 - Williams with the offensive rebound and put back.  On the defensive end, Williams grabs the loose ball and gets it ahead to Vasquez who slows down the offense with numbers not in his favor. 

7:07 - Hayes misses the three, but Mosley saves it off a Miami defender.  Vasquez with his trademark runner, off as usual.  Terps defense continues to be tough.  Mosley draws a foul on offense.

7:12 - Vasquez gets the charge.  Mosley with the block, Milbourne gets it ahead to Vasquez.  Vasquez finds a streaking Williams whose dunk is altered, Milbourne with the layup.  6-0.  Canes give up a long two-pointer.  6-2.  Hayes hits a jumper right back to make it 8-2.  Hayes with a steal on the defensive side, up to Vasquez who misses the three.  Williams just grabbed the ball away from Collins.  Timeout 8-2 Terps with 14:43 to go.

7:14 - Vasquez misses another 3.  Mosley looses the offensive board.  Gregory in for Williams.  Milbourne with the defensive rebound.  Vasquez races down court and makes his trademark layup, finally.  Vasquez with a steal off the in-bounds pass and dunks it home.  12-2 run to open the game.  Miami calls a timeout. 

7:17 - Gregory with the foul, A. Thomas will head to the line for 2.  Makes the first, and the second. 

7:17 - Milbourne gets the pass down low and fights his way for a layup, and good.  Thomas comes down and hits a 3 for the canes to make it 14-7.  Hayes responds with a three of his own 17-7.  3 shot foul on Milbourne in the corner right in front of the Maryland bench.  Needless to say, Gary = not happy.  Thomas makes the first, and the second, Tucker in for Mosley before the third shot, and Thomas makes the final free throw.

7:20 - Hayes 3 rims out.  Scott clearly carries the ball, but no call.  Vasquez misses another 3 once Terps get on offense.  Official timeout: 11:07 to go Terps up 17-12.

7:23 - Bowie in for Vasquez and Williams in for Milbourne.  Hayes hits another 3 off the restart.  Miami comes right down the court and Collins with a wide open dunk.  Gregory hits a short jumper in the paint to make it 22-14.  Bowie slow to rotate on defense, but Miami doesn't convert the three.  Tucker with a nice pass in the paint to Gregory who gets fouled.  He hits the first free throw.  Hayes gets an ovation as he comes off the court, Vasquez in for him.  Gregory's free throw rolls around on the rim and backboard, but goes in.  Vasquez slow to get back on D and Dews hits the three. 

7:26 - Bowie drives inside and gets the layup.  Touch foul on Gregory.  Mosley in for Tucker.  Milbourne is being looked at by a team trainer. Dews pushes Mosley to the floor, offensive foul. 

7:28  - Mosley makes the layup, and the free throw.  Mosley fights for a loose ball on the ground and we head to a timeout.  29-17 with 7:38 to go.

7:32 - Padgett in for the Terps.  Williams makes the free throw.  Canes make both free throws.  Vasquez loses control of the ball on the baseline and is looking for a foul, none coming.  Miami travels right off the in bounds. 

7:35 - Milbourne back in for Terps as Canes throw the ball away.  Mosley with a block/catch-in-air off a Miami 3, fouled and goes to the line for one-and-one.  Makes the first and misses the second.  Malcolm Grant just hit a 3 from a few steps inside the half court circle.  Hayes in for Bowie. Vasquez floater as the shot clock is running out is no good.  Vasquez draws the foul on the drive.  He'll head to the line.

7:38 - Vasquez makes both free throws.  Williams in great position on defense and draws the foul.  Milbourne hits a three right at the top of the key. 38-22 Terps.  Dews breas the press and hits the three.  Vasquez hits a three right in front of the Miami bench, shimmied down the court and no one on the Miami bench even looks upset.  Air ball by G. Adams and we head to a timeout with 3:33 to go in the first half, Terps up 41-24.

7:43 - Milbourne with a foul-line jumper and good.  Tucker with a dumb foul, but Collins misses both free throws.  Hayes finds Milbourne in the low post, Milbourne shakes left and turns and fades right and hits the jumper.  Another travel on Collins, making that 14 turnovers so far.  Gregory in for Williams.Vasquez gets cocky and takes the parking lot 3.  No good. 

7:46 - Scott makes the first free throw, and misses the second but gets his own rebound.  Hayes with a loose ball foul.  Williams to the line.  Williams misses the first, but makes the second 46-27.  Dews with a long two, and Gary getting on Tucker for leaving him open. Milbourne works inside, shot is no blocked out of bounds.  Terps take a timeout.  46-29 with 36 seconds to go.

7:50 - Vasquez gets McGowan in air, takes the shot which rims out, but he'll go to the line for two.  Vasquez makes the first, and the second.  23 seconds left.  Tucker with a cheap foul on Dews, and he'll head to the line.  Looked like he had lost possession.  Dews hits the first of a one-and-one.  Dews makes the second.  Terps get the ball with 9.8 seconds left.  Vasquez finds Bowie in the corner, he rushes the shot and misses.  Halftime- Terps up 48-31 over the Canes.

8:21 - After some technical issues we're back, Terps up 63-39 with 12:52 remaining.  Collins just got his fourth foul and Terps are in cruise control. 

8:23 - Gregory makes both free throws.  Padgett goes up for the dunk and is fouled by D. Jones, Padgett will head to the line. 

8:25 - Tucker misses a three that would have sent most of the students home.  67-39 with 11:47 to go. 

8:29 - Terps still up 67-39 with 10:06 to go.  Terps with the foul and McGowan to the line.  Foul on Padgett.  Mosley, Milbourne and Vasquez back in for Padgett, Bowie and Tucker.  Maybe it's just me, but the three stars should just rest for Clemson on Sunday.  Vasquez hits a runner in the lane.  Terps draw a charge and the fans could care less.  They are up 29.  Greagory with a great feed from Vasquez, turns and hits the layup.  Grant hits another deep 3.  Timeout with 9:13 left, 71-43. 

8:35 - Terps hold the canes in check for most of the shot clock, Gregory with a foul as shot clock was winding down.  Collins misses the free throw, Mosley tracks down the long rebound and slows down the offense.  Terps just clicking on all cylinders, Vasquez finds Hayes underneath for an easy layup. 

8:38 - Milbourne draws the foul and he'll head to the line after a timeout.  6:06 to go Terps up 76-48.

8:41 - Milbourne steps to the line, hits the first, misses the second.  77-48.  Williams goes up for the shot, tied up for a jump ball.  Terps keep possession.  Vasquez takes the quick 3, and misses.  Milbourne with some tough D.  Bowie and Tucker in for Hayes and Mosley.

8:44 - Vasquez with a great feed to the cutter Bowie, Bowie converts the layup.  Padgett with some good defense.  Dave Pearman looked ready to check in and Gary sits him down on the bench.

8:48 - Pearman headed in for the Terps. Bowie drives and draws the foul.  Bowie misses the first free throw.  Pearman in for Vasquez.  Bowie misses the second.  Levent coming in.  Bowie then takes a long two, and gets nothing.  Levent in for Milbourne.  Foul on Pearman on the floor. 

8:51 - Levent throws the ball away, but hustles back to alter the dunk attempt, Tucker tracks down the loose ball. Pearman gets a look and takes the jumper.  Tucker grabs the rebound and will head to the line.  Makes the first attempt, and the second. 81-55 Terps. 
Posted on: November 18, 2009 4:08 am

The First Week of Maryland Basketball

Maryland has started of the season with two tune-up games.  Although, I wouldn't dare call them that in front of Coach Gary Williams.  He hates the term.  It makes the game seem insignificant, and the opponent inferior.  As we saw Monday night with the Kentucky-Miami (OH), no game should be taken lightly. 

Last Friday, Maryland took on Charleston Southern, a team picked to finish 9th in the Big South.  Not exactly the ACC.  The 89-51 win should come as no surprise.  The terrible shooting night by Greivis Vasquez should come as no surprise, as he is a streaky shooter, but the way the rest of the team stepped up is something we rarely saw last year.  Senior Forward Landon Milbourne was an underrated player last year but is primed to break out of Vasquez' shadow.  He scored 16 points, 7 rebounds, 4 blocks and 2 steals.  He played great on the defensive end covering up to 4 positions on defense.  Sophomore Guard Sean Mosley also filled up the stat sheet with 15 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists and 1 steal.

Tonight, Maryland took on Fairfield, a team that was a step up from Charleston Southern.  Their size provided a challenge for the Terps tonight.  The freshmen big men were tested more tonight, and while they didn't put up the numbers they did against CSU, where they combined for 22 points, 17 boards and 2 blocks, tonight they held their own against better competition.  They combined for 12 points and 12 boards, but you could see glimpses of potential tonight.  Milbourne and Mosley both had solid games again.  Shockingly Vasquez had another terrible shooting night.  The team didn't shoot as well, as Anthony Johnson and Ryan Olander combined for 11 blocks. 

Moving forward, Vasquez has been most efficient as a distributor.  However, it will be a constant battle all season to keep him in this role.  He isn't the only option this year, and he needs to realize that.  He also needs to make himself aware, that one of the big knocks against him in the draft process was his inconsistency and that he needs to play under control.  Milbourne and Mosley should see expanded roles as the season continues.  Hayes is a steady ball-handler who is the most consistent 3-point shooter on the team.  Cliff Tucker is a solid role player off the bench, he's an efficient shooter and can do little things to keep him in Gary's favor.  If Tucker cuts down on the turnovers he should see his minutes increase. 

Maryland should be undefeated headed into the later rounds of the Maui Invitational where a possible matchup with Gonzaga would be the first tough test of the season. 
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