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Posted on: November 2, 2009 12:30 pm

The State of the ACC

Let's get this outta the way first, Duke, yes Duke, is in 2nd place in the ACC.  No, Steve Spurrier is not the coach.  No, this is not the late 80's.  No, this isn't basketball season.  Now, Georgia Tech has yet to play Duke, and they play them in 2 weeks in Durham, if the Blue Devils somehow pull off a win, you could be looking at Duke in the ACC title game.  Raise your hand if you thought that would happen.  If you raise your hand, and aren't a Duke student, you are lying to yourself.  Shame on you. 

However, that's a tall task as Georgia Tech has proven they are the one team impervious to a let down.  Georgia Tech has Wake at home and Duke on the road left in conference and Georgia at home the final week of the season.  Tech should be looking at an 11-1 record and 7-1 in conference.  They won't be playing for a national championship with that record, but they are a dangerous team come Orange Bowl time, and if Cincinnati stays undefeated we could be looking at a great matchup. 

Then there is the rest of the ACC.  In the Atlantic no team is out of the division race.  Sure 0-4 NC State and 1-3 Maryland look terrible, and they are, but if either wins out, they could win the division.  I'm sure some people would like to argue this is the "strength" of the ACC shining through.  A tough league where every week no team is safe.  That's just simply false.  The ACC Atlantic is so muddled, you can flip a coin to determine the winner every week.  If they ACC gets 10 teams into bowl games again, it will be a travesty.  Fortunately, they should only get 9 this year barring some major collapses down the stretch (i'm looking at you Jim Grobe). 

I would say Boston College has the easier path in the ACC Atlantic, but the loss to Clemson means should they finish tied, Clemson would hold the advantage. 

Meanwhile, Maryland's season is starting to spin out of control.  Sitting at 2-6 (1-3) with FSU, VT and BC on the schedule is no easy task.  Maryland could be looking at it's first ten-loss season in school history.  Maryland has had some bad teams, but never has the team lost 10 games, and this could be the first.  Not good.  One more loss will mark the most losses since the Vanderlinden era (3-8 in 1998, 2-9 in 1997). 

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