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Posted on: January 27, 2010 8:07 pm

Nitpicking Maryland Basketball

Because I can.  I'm very confident this team is going to make the NCAA Tournament, however, this is due to them finishing high in the ACC.  They still have a few issues.  The positives you guys have listed, I have no reason to repeat.  So these are just the things i'm nitpicking for the sake of nitpicking because they could be problems down the road.

Major Issues:

1) Vasquez takes too many shots.  He doesn't need to take as many shots, his teammates are stepping up this year, but at times he will take too many shots.  See: Wake Forest, Florida State and Longwood.  (Now, you may argue he only took 9 shots in the LU game, however, his shot wasn't falling, and all of his teammates were, it was selfish). 

2) Free Throws.  Hayes is the only one living up to what he shot last year.  Vasquez, Milbourne, Tucker and Bowie are all way below where they were last year. 

Mosley and Gregory are above average but you can see Mosley is hit or miss on free throws. 

Minor Issues:

1) Inconsistency from the bench.  You have argued that Bowie and Tucker have stepped up, in the blowout of NC State Bowie wasn't even on in garbage time.  They had Tucker running the point because Bowie has been inconsistent.  Bowie's 3 pointer is off.  He's shooting 27%, but it's not just that, he's rushing his shot.  Last night at the end of the half he had about 7 seconds to take a shot, a wide open shot, but he rushed it and caught iron.  He's been doing it all season.  Tucker had a good 6 game stretch, but last night Tucker's shot wasn't falling and he forced a few passes.  If he plays like he did against NC State every night he would see more significant minutes.

2) Late-game play from the end of the bench.  Last night the Terps were up by 31 at one point.  Against BC, they were up by 24.  Against FSU, Terps were up 13 and ended up winning by 9.  This may not seem like a big deal, but they get lazy at the end, and that's before Levent and Pearman come in.  They just need to stay focused. 

3) Getting Away from Milbourne.  Honestly, he's been the most consistent player on both sides of the floor.  It's almost as if Vasquez has a need to be the leading scorer every game and therefore doesn't feed Milbourne anymore.  Milbourne and Williams were working their ass off last night to get open down low (and they were) but the guards would settle for jumpers. 
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Gary Does It Again, But Is That A Good Thing?

This week Gary Williams and the Maryland Terrapins (yes, it's never too early to talk college hoops) received their third commitment for the 2010 season.  SG Mychal Parker (#62 by MaxPreps , #42 by Scouts, Inc and #53 by Rivals).  Parker joins SF Terrence Ross (#30 by MaxPreps , #39 by Scouts, Inc and #43 by Rivals) and PG Terrell Stoglin (#43 by MaxPreps , #88 by Scouts, Inc and #122 by Rivals).

Maryland is also on the final top 5 lists of other highly touted prospects:
Tobias Harris - #3 ranked PF, #7 overall.  6'8" 210lbs.  Considering - UConn , Louisville, Georgia Tech, Maryland and Tennessee
C.J. Leslie - #4 ranked PF, #9 overall.  6'8" 205lbs.  Considering - Kentucky, UNC , Florida, Maryland and UConn
Roscoe Smith - #3 ranked SF, #16 overall.  6'8" 190lbs.  Considering - Duke, UConn , Florida, Louisville and Maryland
DaMontre Harris - #5 ranked C, #62 overall. 6'9" 200lbs.  Considering - South Carolina, Wake Forest, Maryland, VCU and Florida
Jonathan Graham - #21 ranked PF, #84 overall.  6'8 205lbs. Considering - Maryland and Florida State

Now, nothing is ever guaranteed until pen is put to paper, but as it appears now the Terps are in the running for all 5.  However, in order to sign one or more of these guys they will have to have a transfer from the current roster.  Considering a lot of the talent around the end of the bench, it may not be the worst thing in the world.

This is a far cry from the recruiting classes from 2006 and 2007.  In 2006 the highest ranked recruit was Cliff Tucker (his best ranking was #97 by Rivals), now Tucker has turned in to a solid role player and should see an even bigger role in 2009-10 as the first or second player off the bench.  Adrian Bowie was also in that class and he took over as the starting point guard last year and will be again this year.  In 2008, Sean Mosley was the top ranked player (highest ranking was #40) and like Tucker, Mosley has seen his role grow larger over the past season.  Mosley even saw some starts last year and will push for more playing time.

The last time Gary had this kind of recruiting class was after the 2002 National Championship.  Granted, that recruiting class really did nothing for the University.  The 2002 class consisted of F Nik Caner-Medley, F Travis Garrison, PG John Gilchrist, SG Chris McCray, PG Dominique Richmond, PF Jamar Smith.  Caner-Medley is struggling to make an NBA roster with the Clippers.  Garrison is currently playing for Dalaman A.S. Pamukkale Univ. in the Turkish 2nd division.  Gilchrist just signed for the Adelaide 36ers in the Australian A-League .  McCray plays for the Rimini Crabs in the Italian 2nd division and lost to Jamar Smith's team in the League Tournament. 

Clearly the highly touted recruits of the 2002 class never lived up to the hype, hopefully the 2010 class, assuming there aren't any de-commitments , will. 

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