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Posted on: July 28, 2009 4:45 pm
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Back to School

You may recognize my name; I began as an intern for the Big O and Dukes Show and eventually became a part-time producer for the show on the old WJFK .  I've have past experience covering local college sports, primarily Maryland.  Covering college sports for the the new 106.7 The Fan is the perfect opportunity for me. My blog will cover mostly local college sports: Maryland, Virginia Tech, Georgetown and George Mason.  You may see some Navy and Virginia coverage from time to time as well.  

I'll give you a little background knowledge on me:  I'm a Senior at Maryland and I've lived in DC my entire life, except a year spent in Bowling Green, Ohio for college, which is a terrible place.  The Skins, Wizards and Capitals are the only teams I've ever rooted for.  I jumped on the bandwagon once the Nationals came to town because I was tired of Angelos .  I used to have season tickets to Navy Football and Maryland Football in the same season, and still support both teams, strongly.  I'd rather watch the Triple Option than the Spread Offense.  There is no better time of year than the opening round of the NCAA Tournament.  I always root for the underdog, unless Maryland is the favorite.  I couldn't give you one answer if you asked me who the greatest college football team of all-time is, but I could give you two.  I think the BCS system is totally flawed.  The coaches poll was the single worst idea adopted by college sports.  The college basketball eligibility debate should be settled the same way football decided upon.  I haven't owned Madden since 2004, but I've had every copy of NCAA Football.  It must be nice being this guy .

I love action movies and comedies, so you should expect me to drop some quotes from my favorite movies.  I'll let you, The Fan, figure out what they are.  Speaking of you, The Fan, I'd love to get your input on what you'd like to see in this blog.  I can only hope you enjoy reading this blog, as much as I enjoy writing it. 


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