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Posted on: February 7, 2010 2:10 pm
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Maryland vs. UNC

2:09 - Unable to make it to College Park today, I'm live with you here, in Gaithersburg, Md.  Terps in Gold.  Milbourne, Vasquez, Hayes, Mosley and Williams.

2:12 Vasquez with an open 3.  Milbourne with a BIG block from behind on Davis.

2:13 - Terps are definitely focusing on stopping the Tar Heels inside, defense is collapsing in, and leaving the guards with open shots.  Thompson takes a step back, fades away and hits a jumper over Milbourne.

2:15 - Heels break the press but Ginyard throws the ball away.  Milbourne went in for a big dunk, but drew iron.  Ball clanks out to Hayes who knocs down the open 3. 

2:20 - Another Hayes 3 pointer makes it 13-8.

2:23 - Vasquez and Hayes hit 3's to make it 19-9. 

2:26 - Timeout. 19-13.

2:29 - Nice decsion by Bowie not to pull the trigger on the 3 and drive, found Milbourne for a layup.  Bowie drives again, and gets the foul and will go to the line for two.  Makes the first, misses the second.  Fast break for UNC, Ginyard gets fouled on the layup attempt and will go to the line for two.  Missed the first, makes the second.

2:32 - Vasquez breaks the double-team and finds Tucker open for 3. 

2:33 - Terps double team Thompson, Bowie steals the ball.  Tucker with another shot, he LOVES playing against UNC.  Tucker feeds Vasquez for 3 this time, 30-16. 

2:34 - Vasquez finds Gregory underneath to make it 32-16.  Graves hits a 3 for UNC.  Thopmson gets in easy dunk to make it 32-21 with 7:39 to go.

2:38 - Sloppy pass by Mosley up ahead to Milbourne, picked off, but UNC travels so the turnover does't cost the Terps.  Ginyard playing pretty well today, not a good thing for the Terps if his confidence grows.

2:39 - Strickland hits a 3 to cut the lead to 6.  Terps offense looks stagnant.  Vasquez with a two-pointer.  Tar Heels on a 12-2 run to cut the lead to 34-28. 

2:41 - Milbourne's pass kicked out of bounds, trying to feed Williams.  Bowie and Gregory back in for Mosley and Williams.  Vasquez with a selfish take as Hayes was WIDE open for a good 5 seconds. 

2:43 - Milbourne with the wide open 3, good defense by Vasquez but misses the wide open layup.  Bowie with the reverse layup off the fast break.  Terps up 39-30 with 3:04.

2:47 - Maryland called for the travel, didn't see it.  Bowie rushes the 3, no wonder they are leaving him wide open.  Tucker makes the shot, comes down the court the next possession and takes the 3, took a contested shot and off the rim and over the backboard.  Ginyard fouled and will go to the line.

2:50 - Milbourne with the foul, that's #2 on him.  Ginyard makes both free throws.  Vasquez backs down Drew, only to have his shot rejected by Davis.  Vasquez gets the rebound and misses a 3.  Vasquez gets another rebound and makes a two-pointer.  Vasquez takes the final shot, and takes a terrible off-balance shot.  Padgett draws a jump ball, Maryland has possession.  End of the half.  Terps up 44-34.

2:55 - Vasquez leads with 14 at the half, Hayes with 9 and Milbourne and Tucker with 7.  Tucker averages 16 against UNC and 4 points against everyone else.  He's looked great all season, but he's doing it again to UNC.  Ginyard, Graves and Thompson with 7 and Davis with 6. 

2:57 - Terps should be up by more at the half, but let UNC back into the game.  Terps need to be careful not to let a 10-point lead turn into a 2 or 3 point lead and lose the momentum completely in the second half.  You have to imagine Gary Williams will focus on getting Sean Mosley and Landon Milbourne more involved as they've both looked invisible at times in the first half.  The defense has looked great so far, and they need to keep up the intensity.  Maryland has shot well from 3 as well, hopefully they won't fall in love with the three as they may not be able to keep up their torrid pace.

3:11 - J. Williams runs the floor and gets a great pass from Vasquez for the open dunk.  Vasquez with 7 assists.  Williams with another basket.  Milbourne gets another block on the defensive end.

3:13 - Deon Thompson with the three point play.  Hayes to the free throw line.  Makes the first, and the second.  52-42 Terps.  Ginyard hits the 3 to cut it to a 7-point lead.  Williams dribbles the ball off of his foot. 

3:15 - Gary Williams calls a timeout as the Tar Heels cut the lead to 52-47. 

3:18 - Thompson gets fouled down low, and another timout.

3:23 - Hayes hits a runner to put the lead back up to 5.

3:24 - Gregory with the block on the defensive end, then is rewarded with the ball on the fast break, but he's fouled on his dunk attempt.  Gregory makes the first, and the second.

3:25 - Graves gets an offensive rebound and puts the ball back up to cut the lead to 58-53 for the Terps.  Ginyard steamrolls Gregory, and Gregory with the foul. 

3:27 - Gregory looks great, cleans up the offensive glass and hits the jump hook.  Vasquez with the steal, works the ball to Bowie who misses a Vasquez-type off-balance shot.  Hayes open from the corner and hits the 3.  Vasquez with the easy layup.  Williams forces the ball out after a bad pass from Drew into the post, Bowie takes the ball down court and gets fouled.  65-54.

3:33 - Vasquez pushes the fast break and hits the open 3.  Vasquez finds Gregory off the inbounds pass and Gregory slmas it home. Terps up 70-56. 

3:35 - Mosley gets on the board with a nice pull-up jumper.  Vasquez hits another 3 to push the lead up to 16.  Jordan Williams is not playing like a Freshman today inside.  Gets the block, the rebound, and gets the outlet to Vasquez.  Mosley with the layup.

3:41 - Maryland has good ball movement, but a Jordan Williams 12-foot jumper was probably not the desired shot.  Mosley skies over a defender to hit the jumper at the free throw line 79-61. 

3:42 - Terps up 20! Milbourne hits a fadeaway to make it 22 point lead. 

3:45 - Williams gets his fourth foul, and Padgett comes in off the bench.  Padgett makes the first free throw, but misses the second. Not quite sure how, but Milbourne somehow came away with that rebound.  Mosley with the foul, and Davis will go to the line. 

3:48 - Davis misses both and Vasquez comes away with the rebound.  Padgett misses the layup attempt.  Larry Drew is ice cold for the Heels.  Milbourne tried to go over Henson, but his high-arching shot was an air ball.  Milbourne breaks away and throws down a two-handed jam.  Maryland up 23, 88-65.

3:53 - Terps are up 88-67 with under 2 minutes to play and at this point, Terps are just winding down the clock.  Milbourne will head to the line. 

3:54 - Milbourne makes the first.  Vasquez and Hayes come out of the game, and Milbourne makes the second free throw.  Mosley with the steal and the slam.  92-67 with 79 seconds left.  Vasquez showing a big smile on the bench.  Milbourne and Mosley comes out and Levent and Pearman come in. 

3:55 - Maryland winds down the clock and Tucker finds Padgett under the basket, but Padgett misses the shot.  Heels hit a shot to make it 92-71 and at this point UNC isn't fouling so that will be your final score.  MD fans chanting "We Want Duke".
Posted on: January 27, 2010 8:07 pm

Nitpicking Maryland Basketball

Because I can.  I'm very confident this team is going to make the NCAA Tournament, however, this is due to them finishing high in the ACC.  They still have a few issues.  The positives you guys have listed, I have no reason to repeat.  So these are just the things i'm nitpicking for the sake of nitpicking because they could be problems down the road.

Major Issues:

1) Vasquez takes too many shots.  He doesn't need to take as many shots, his teammates are stepping up this year, but at times he will take too many shots.  See: Wake Forest, Florida State and Longwood.  (Now, you may argue he only took 9 shots in the LU game, however, his shot wasn't falling, and all of his teammates were, it was selfish). 

2) Free Throws.  Hayes is the only one living up to what he shot last year.  Vasquez, Milbourne, Tucker and Bowie are all way below where they were last year. 

Mosley and Gregory are above average but you can see Mosley is hit or miss on free throws. 

Minor Issues:

1) Inconsistency from the bench.  You have argued that Bowie and Tucker have stepped up, in the blowout of NC State Bowie wasn't even on in garbage time.  They had Tucker running the point because Bowie has been inconsistent.  Bowie's 3 pointer is off.  He's shooting 27%, but it's not just that, he's rushing his shot.  Last night at the end of the half he had about 7 seconds to take a shot, a wide open shot, but he rushed it and caught iron.  He's been doing it all season.  Tucker had a good 6 game stretch, but last night Tucker's shot wasn't falling and he forced a few passes.  If he plays like he did against NC State every night he would see more significant minutes.

2) Late-game play from the end of the bench.  Last night the Terps were up by 31 at one point.  Against BC, they were up by 24.  Against FSU, Terps were up 13 and ended up winning by 9.  This may not seem like a big deal, but they get lazy at the end, and that's before Levent and Pearman come in.  They just need to stay focused. 

3) Getting Away from Milbourne.  Honestly, he's been the most consistent player on both sides of the floor.  It's almost as if Vasquez has a need to be the leading scorer every game and therefore doesn't feed Milbourne anymore.  Milbourne and Williams were working their ass off last night to get open down low (and they were) but the guards would settle for jumpers. 
Posted on: November 18, 2009 4:08 am

The First Week of Maryland Basketball

Maryland has started of the season with two tune-up games.  Although, I wouldn't dare call them that in front of Coach Gary Williams.  He hates the term.  It makes the game seem insignificant, and the opponent inferior.  As we saw Monday night with the Kentucky-Miami (OH), no game should be taken lightly. 

Last Friday, Maryland took on Charleston Southern, a team picked to finish 9th in the Big South.  Not exactly the ACC.  The 89-51 win should come as no surprise.  The terrible shooting night by Greivis Vasquez should come as no surprise, as he is a streaky shooter, but the way the rest of the team stepped up is something we rarely saw last year.  Senior Forward Landon Milbourne was an underrated player last year but is primed to break out of Vasquez' shadow.  He scored 16 points, 7 rebounds, 4 blocks and 2 steals.  He played great on the defensive end covering up to 4 positions on defense.  Sophomore Guard Sean Mosley also filled up the stat sheet with 15 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists and 1 steal.

Tonight, Maryland took on Fairfield, a team that was a step up from Charleston Southern.  Their size provided a challenge for the Terps tonight.  The freshmen big men were tested more tonight, and while they didn't put up the numbers they did against CSU, where they combined for 22 points, 17 boards and 2 blocks, tonight they held their own against better competition.  They combined for 12 points and 12 boards, but you could see glimpses of potential tonight.  Milbourne and Mosley both had solid games again.  Shockingly Vasquez had another terrible shooting night.  The team didn't shoot as well, as Anthony Johnson and Ryan Olander combined for 11 blocks. 

Moving forward, Vasquez has been most efficient as a distributor.  However, it will be a constant battle all season to keep him in this role.  He isn't the only option this year, and he needs to realize that.  He also needs to make himself aware, that one of the big knocks against him in the draft process was his inconsistency and that he needs to play under control.  Milbourne and Mosley should see expanded roles as the season continues.  Hayes is a steady ball-handler who is the most consistent 3-point shooter on the team.  Cliff Tucker is a solid role player off the bench, he's an efficient shooter and can do little things to keep him in Gary's favor.  If Tucker cuts down on the turnovers he should see his minutes increase. 

Maryland should be undefeated headed into the later rounds of the Maui Invitational where a possible matchup with Gonzaga would be the first tough test of the season. 
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