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Posted on: November 2, 2009 12:30 pm

The State of the ACC

Let's get this outta the way first, Duke, yes Duke, is in 2nd place in the ACC.  No, Steve Spurrier is not the coach.  No, this is not the late 80's.  No, this isn't basketball season.  Now, Georgia Tech has yet to play Duke, and they play them in 2 weeks in Durham, if the Blue Devils somehow pull off a win, you could be looking at Duke in the ACC title game.  Raise your hand if you thought that would happen.  If you raise your hand, and aren't a Duke student, you are lying to yourself.  Shame on you. 

However, that's a tall task as Georgia Tech has proven they are the one team impervious to a let down.  Georgia Tech has Wake at home and Duke on the road left in conference and Georgia at home the final week of the season.  Tech should be looking at an 11-1 record and 7-1 in conference.  They won't be playing for a national championship with that record, but they are a dangerous team come Orange Bowl time, and if Cincinnati stays undefeated we could be looking at a great matchup. 

Then there is the rest of the ACC.  In the Atlantic no team is out of the division race.  Sure 0-4 NC State and 1-3 Maryland look terrible, and they are, but if either wins out, they could win the division.  I'm sure some people would like to argue this is the "strength" of the ACC shining through.  A tough league where every week no team is safe.  That's just simply false.  The ACC Atlantic is so muddled, you can flip a coin to determine the winner every week.  If they ACC gets 10 teams into bowl games again, it will be a travesty.  Fortunately, they should only get 9 this year barring some major collapses down the stretch (i'm looking at you Jim Grobe). 

I would say Boston College has the easier path in the ACC Atlantic, but the loss to Clemson means should they finish tied, Clemson would hold the advantage. 

Meanwhile, Maryland's season is starting to spin out of control.  Sitting at 2-6 (1-3) with FSU, VT and BC on the schedule is no easy task.  Maryland could be looking at it's first ten-loss season in school history.  Maryland has had some bad teams, but never has the team lost 10 games, and this could be the first.  Not good.  One more loss will mark the most losses since the Vanderlinden era (3-8 in 1998, 2-9 in 1997). 

Posted on: September 16, 2009 5:17 pm

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Another Terrible weekend for the ACC.  Clearly the ACC"s mediocrity was not exaggerated after week one, in fact, it might have been understated. 

The Good - Ryan Williams. David Wilson.  Torrey Smith.  Anthony Allen.  C.J. Spiller.  Russell Wilson.  The 1st Half for Georgia Tech.  The 2nd half for Clemson.  Scott Blair's 3 FG's and a TD Pass.  Riley Skinner's 2nd half.  NC State and VaTech bouncing back.  Boston College being 2-0.

The Bad - The 4th quarter comebacks by Maryland (vs. JMU), FSU (vs. Jacksonville State), Duke (vs. Army), and UNC (vs. UConn).  Boston College RB's taking a step back.  Christian Ponder not getting in the endzone.

The Ugly - UNC losing two starters for 4 weeks.  Nolan Carroll's broken leg.  Duke being outgained by 150 yards. Any and all things UVA.  The Maryland defense outside of Alex Wujciak and Adrian Moten.  Dustin Hopkins kicking game (0/1 FG's and 1/3 on XP's). 

Heisman Race (2009 Season Statistics) -

1. QB Colt McCoy, Texas - 67.1% Comp. % - 654 Yards - 5 TD/2 INT - 44 Rush Yards 1 TD
2. QB Tim Tebow, Florida - 64.1% Comp. % - 425 Yards - 5 TD - 72 Rush Yards 2 TD's
3. RB Jahvid Best, Cal - 27 Carries for 281 Yards 3 Td's - 4 Catches for 42 Yards 1 TD
4. QB Case Keenum, Houston - 72.4% Comp % - 725 Yards - 7 TD/1 INT - 16 Rush Yards 2 TD's
5. QB Max Hall, BYU - 71.4% Comp % - 638 Yards - 4 TD/3INT

Really, there are 2 candidates at the moment.  The next two are outside shots and Hall is just riding high off the Oklahoma win two weeks ago. 

Up Next in the ACC:

Middle Tennessee State at Maryland - A revenge game for Maryland.  "We owe them one" - Ralph Friedgen.
#19 Nebraska at #13 Virginia Tech - Virginia Tech needs a win to prove the ACC can compete with other power conferences.
Virginia at Southern Miss - Can UVA avoid starting 0-3? I think not.
Posted on: August 8, 2009 4:29 pm

Early ACC Thoughts

With Virginia Tech not releasing a summer depth chart (yet), the wait is on.  Other sites have "predicted depth charts" but seeing as how they have conflicts with actual depth charts, I'll wait until it's official.

For Starters, let's look at the local players on the All-ACC Preseason Team.

    * TE Greg Boone, Virginia Tech - One of the top returning TE's in the country.  HS QB who will see time in a modified wildcat formation.
    * OG Sergio Render, Virginia Tech - Was 2nd team All-ACC last season. 40 career starts headed into his senior season.
    * DE Jason Worlids, Virginia Tech - Top returning sack leader from last season.
    * LB Alex Wujciak, Maryland - ACC's second leading tackler last season.
    * CB Ras-I Dowling, Virginia - One of the best players in the country at CB, needs to turn pass breakups into picks.
    * S Kam Chancellor, Virginia Tech - Feared safety, can play in the box (2 Forced Fumbels) or out (2 INT's).
    * P Travis Baltz, Maryland - Led ACC in Punting Average, one of the top punters in the country.
Local Players up for Post-season Awards:

Davey O'Brien Award (Nation's Top Quarterback)
    * Tyrod Taylor, Virginia Tech

Doak Walker Award (Nation's Top Running Back)
    * Darren Evans, Virginia Tech
    * Da'Rel Scott, Maryland

John Mackey Award (Nation's Top Tight End)
    * Greg Boone, Virginia Tech

Jim Thorpe Award (Nation's Top Defensive Back)
    * Kam Chancellor, Virginia Tech
    * Ras-I Dowling, Virginia
    * Stephen Virgil, Virginia Tech

Ray Guy Award (Nation's Top Punter)
    * Travis Baltz, Maryland

The Next Five National Awards will be announced this week.  I would expect Sergio Render to possibly be nominated for the Outland Trophy (Best Interior Lineman).  As for the Chuck Bednarik Award (Best Defensive Player) I think Alex Wujciak will be the lone local representive on the list.  The Maxwell Award (Best All-Around Player) might have Tyrod Taylor on the list. 

Posted on: July 28, 2009 4:45 pm
Edited on: July 29, 2009 12:43 am

Back to School

You may recognize my name; I began as an intern for the Big O and Dukes Show and eventually became a part-time producer for the show on the old WJFK .  I've have past experience covering local college sports, primarily Maryland.  Covering college sports for the the new 106.7 The Fan is the perfect opportunity for me. My blog will cover mostly local college sports: Maryland, Virginia Tech, Georgetown and George Mason.  You may see some Navy and Virginia coverage from time to time as well.  

I'll give you a little background knowledge on me:  I'm a Senior at Maryland and I've lived in DC my entire life, except a year spent in Bowling Green, Ohio for college, which is a terrible place.  The Skins, Wizards and Capitals are the only teams I've ever rooted for.  I jumped on the bandwagon once the Nationals came to town because I was tired of Angelos .  I used to have season tickets to Navy Football and Maryland Football in the same season, and still support both teams, strongly.  I'd rather watch the Triple Option than the Spread Offense.  There is no better time of year than the opening round of the NCAA Tournament.  I always root for the underdog, unless Maryland is the favorite.  I couldn't give you one answer if you asked me who the greatest college football team of all-time is, but I could give you two.  I think the BCS system is totally flawed.  The coaches poll was the single worst idea adopted by college sports.  The college basketball eligibility debate should be settled the same way football decided upon.  I haven't owned Madden since 2004, but I've had every copy of NCAA Football.  It must be nice being this guy .

I love action movies and comedies, so you should expect me to drop some quotes from my favorite movies.  I'll let you, The Fan, figure out what they are.  Speaking of you, The Fan, I'd love to get your input on what you'd like to see in this blog.  I can only hope you enjoy reading this blog, as much as I enjoy writing it. 


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